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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Office: The Negotiation

This episode was packed with wonderful moments. Dwight and his pepper spray (and nunchucks and ninja throwing stars) was absolutely hilarious. More than that though, the response of the office to Dwight's heroics reveals once again what makes this show so enjoyable . Angela's desperation to hear the epic tale of Dwight again and again and her lusty response was a high point. Seriously, why do censors bother with things like Janet Jackson's nipple when Angela is rubbing her neck in a way that makes you think that Dwight is going to be bent up like a pretzel about ten minutes after he gets home with her? Kudos to Angela Kinsey for another great and subtle performance!

Jim pulling a reversal and trying to dupe Dwight into accepting a thank you was a nice change from the norm. I thought it was going to be over with the certificate (that's certainly something Dwight would usually fall for), but the pay off was just about right. Sweetest moment on The Office since Toby came to Pam's art show.

I haven't mentioned much about Michael, but in a lot of ways, Michael's story was pretty typical. Let's just run down three great Michael related moments:
  • Woman's suit. What was great was that I didn't notice it until Darrel did.
  • The predictable, but still hilarious use of his personal relationship with Jan during the negotiation. "I'm withholding sex!"
  • "Never touch a black man's radio!"

A few other moments of note:

  • Ryan and Kelly. Who would've thought that their relationship would have a) lasted this long or b) become this compelling? Honestly, I'd love to see an episode devoted to them on a date. It is insane to name their kid Usher!
  • Kevin warning Jim.
  • Stanley: "I still think he's over paid."
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaand: Andy's back!

This was a good, not great episode, mostly held down by the (somewhat, kinda) ponderous Jim/Pam/Karen/Roy situation.

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