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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Rescue Me: Solo

Well it's about time. This is the Rescue Me I remember. Granted, Tommy never got drunk, but there were moments where it sure felt like he was. From the fight with Janet, to the onslaught of all his ghosts at once, to running into that fire all by himself, Tommy seems to be back to normal. Sort of.

I suppose I should talk about the ghosts first. They've been far and few between all season, but it was all building up to this. The only missing spook? Connor. But that makes sense to me at least because Tommy never sat down with his late son and got advice from him like he did with Jimmy.

But everyone else, including Jimmy, was there. Billy (all the way from season one) along with that other unnamed firefighter who died in 9/11, Johnny, and even Jerry. Although it wasn't Jack McGee in the chair, from the backside it was clearly meant to look like him. What are the ghosts up to these days? Poker and lighting themselves on fire.

However, we found out that Tommy had been warned. The mysterious black shadow ghost guy had been sent to get Tommy back on the right track and to stop being so selfish. Well it didn't work, because Jimmy, Johnny, and the rest of the gang dumped some gas, lit a match, said goodbye, and closed the bedroom door. That entire scene as Tommy broke down trying to get them out of the burning room was amazing. He can't keep his family together and now his ghosts (the people in his head) don't even want anything to do with him. The title of the episode makes a lot more sense now, huh?

Elsewhere, the world just kept ticking. Sheila is finally giving Elvis (I can't believe she named him that) everything he deserves -- especially a mother who loves him. Of course, it's only a matter of time until Janet comes for him. She's snapped at this point. She's like a woman possessed and she's taking Katie along for the ride. The fight with Tommy resulted in some great scenes at the firehouse as everyone speculated what happened. Getting hit by a car never factored into it as Tommy "must have been" whacked with a baseball bat, bludgeoned by a gun with no bullets, or any other number of things the guys came up with.

Back to what I said before, this is the show I remember right down to the humor. Like the conversation with Tommy and Lou discussing the Jewish female's penchant for oral delight? Hilarious, even more so since it's been lacking all season.

Other random thoughts...

  • Speaking of the Jewish female, something tells me that Feinberg isn't going to be too happy with Tommy when he hears how the date with his daughter (Amy Sedaris!) went. It looks like it just adds fuel to a conflict between Tommy and Sydney that's already started.
  • Looks like no more Jennifer Esposito as Gina Gershon seems to be taking on the role of Tommy's next sexual conquer.
  • Franco and Sean's stories are getting a little off-beat for my liking. Sean just sits around all day and now Franco is trying to sleep with Alicia. Neither of them seem to have any path. Franco wants two women. Sean wants Maggie to stop drinking but he's not willing to leave her. Both of them just need to pick a side.
  • I'm glad Mick is back again. I love his character. Just the way he rolls his eyes is funny.
  • When the truck hit that car and Lou tended to the victim, I thought I was going to puke in my mouth when he tasted her blood. Instead, I laughed out loud. (Tomato soup? Homemade. Delicious!)
  • Plus, it looks like Lou is back on track to reprising his role as the drunk guy who wanders around town, much like after last year's "great Lou depression." Not good. That was sad seeing him do that to himself. Mike is a bad influence on him.
So, I think I'm supposed to expect a reformed Tommy for the rest of the season. But something tells me that he'll only get more reckless in the process. It's going to take a lot more than that little prayer book to bring his family back together this time.

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