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Friday, September 14, 2007

The Closer: Four to Eight

Those evil, evil writers over at The Closer kept me hanging on for one more episode about what on earth is wrong with Brenda. While it was frustrating that I didn't get an answer, it was also very well done. I thought the fact that Brenda went to see her doctor but didn't ask any questions about what could be wrong was very within her quirky character. She didn't want to know all the possibilities... just the facts. Now I'm strongly suspecting she's at the beginning of menopause. I just don't think her symptoms are of pregnancy.

I think Brenda's storyline kept me from guessing the twist in the case she was investigating. It seemed obvious once the story ended, but I was too concerned for Brenda to pay much attention to who dunnit. There was an apparent gang shooting. Everyone assumed it was a gang shooting because two gangs--the Catorces and the 1-5s--were in a war that was escalating. Even through her sickness (or whatever), Brenda was able to see what no one else could see: the shootings didn't have typical gang signatures.

While there doesn't seem to be a whole lot to say about this storyline, I did like how two of the characters were so ironic. Miguel, the cousin of one of the victims, was lucky enough that he wasn't in a gang and he had talent as a baseball player. Yet, he really wanted to be in a gang like his cousin.And Miguel's father worked hard to keep Miguel out of a gang, but then he goes and behaves just like a gang member by killing his nephew and a friend because they are in a gang.

Loved the irony... which is something The Closer always does very well.Hopefully the next episode I'll find out what ails Brenda.

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