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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Closer: Manhunt

This episode seemed a little unusual. That's not a bad thing, but it was different than what I've come to expect from The Closer. The supporting cast didn't play very prominent roles and I don't remember any laugh-out-loud comments from Provenza or Flynn. I guess the topic--serial killer--is where the writers draw the line at cracking jokes. It's understandable, really. The crimes were truly horrendous and I have to wonder about the person who dreamed up such torture. There was really no opportunity through the investigation to be cracking jokes.

Basically, the investigation was pretty run-of-the-mill until just before the last commercial break when Brenda was attacked by PCH, the Pacific Coast Highway serial killer. I was honestly surprised that the writers put her in that situation because I see it quite a bit on other shows but The Closer never seems to put its own hero's life in danger during an investigation. I can't quite figure out why Brenda went to interview the killer by herself. Was her brain scattered because of her diagnosis of Early Onset Menopause, or because of Fritz's marriage proposal? Or, was she alone because she was short-staffed since Det. Daniels was at a Homeland Security conference?

Anyway, I had already guessed that the guy who was cleaning the bloody boat was the actual serial killer. I didn't know his motive, or that he was once married to his first victim, but something about him in his initial meeting with Brenda creeped me out. I think it was the way he practically flirted with her. So when Brenda went back to interview him by herself, I knew she was in trouble.

Still, it was extremely stressful to watch Brenda look around the boat maintenance shack and realize that she was alone with the serial killer. She was freaking out and she never freaks out, so that was enough to take my breath away! I loved how she was trying her hardest to get a confession out of him (on tape!) as he was dying from the two gunshots she sent into his chest. She really wanted to close the case her way, but ended up having to kill him because he came after her again with his cattle prod.

Overall, a strong episode. Even though it was very Brenda-centric, I didn't get to see much of her quirkiness. She did eat some chocolate while checking out her engagement ring, but I don't remember her ever saying "Thank You" in her Southern way. This one was very personal for Brenda, with her menopause diagnosis and her engagement to Fritz.

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