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Friday, September 28, 2007

The Closer: Blindsided

Another great episode of The Closer! The writers of this show are really knocking it out of the park this season. Did anybody notice in the opening credits that Kevin Bacon directed this episode? I giggled when we saw Brenda nude in the shower (through the frosted glass) because that seemed like a Bacon touch there.Once again, the writers were able to magically mix humor with emotion. And the emotions in this episode were very highly charged, yet the humor fit right in. I am continuously impressed by the show- by the way the story lines and subplots are balanced so perfectly. The writers have become experts at knowing when humor is appropriate and when it isn't.

This episode started with humor: Brenda is in the psychiatrist's office explaining how nothing much is happening in her life... except she shot a suspect to death, got engaged, is buying a house, and her parents are coming to town. Oh, and she's been diagnosed with Early Onset Menopause. From the way the episode began, I halfway expected Brenda to have a nervous breakdown at the end. But she didn't, because she thrives on stress.The episode is completely light-hearted until, all of a sudden, Brenda and Sgt. Gabriel and a reporter and photographer are shot at during a ride-along. I thought it would permanently switch to serious mode, but it didn't. The comic relief was everywhere: from Brenda's attempts to butt in on the investigation, to her parents, her security detail, Chief Pope and, of course, Lt. Provenza.

Best moments:
  • Brenda's security detail (Chad) gets offended when she says she doesn't need security;
  • Chad gets all excited about the investigation and states the obvious (a poke at CSI?) when Brenda asks a rhetorical question about the man from the reporter's story is the same man at Brenda's crime scene;
  • Brenda, her parents, Fritz and her security detail all sit in her bedroom and watch the reporter's tapes to figure out who could have the motive to shoot him;
  • Brenda traps the suspect in the elevator, where she gets him to confess as security cameras roll.

I think this is my favorite season so far. I thoroughly enjoyed all the conflict during season one when Brenda had to constantly prove herself to the priority homicide team, but this season is better. The writing is more crisp, the story lines and the twists at the end are extremely clever and the one-liners are top-notch. I'd say season two is my least favorite so far. I remember it seemed to sag in the middle. But, I will honestly be sad to see the ending of season three.

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