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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Eureka: Unpredictable

Everything starts off great for Jack... Until the lights go out and his ex-wife appears in the shadows like some sort of evil pop up vampire rabbit. Well, not so much rabbity, but you get the idea.Eureka's not perfect, but this one suffered a bit from plot holes and post processing issues. The visual effects were well done, but there was a fairly bad loop that didn't even sound like Jack as he exited his office with his ex-wife in tow. Otherwise, the effects were pretty good.

My major plot issue is the ex-wife's reaction to Eureka. She shows a bit of surprise, but no consideration for the apparent safety of her daughter in a place where the sky seems to be spewing death.As Henry gets closer to Kim's work, things with Beverly seem to be accelerating. Other than the bug she planted (which she obviously recovered, why is she so concerned with Henry's acceptance at GD).

There seems to be something else going on behind the scenes. Could the accident have been caused by something else?Nathan's email to Allison was clever. Letting her know that he'd been studying her son through an anonymous email was an interesting move. It's apparent that Allison is appreciating that Nathan took an interest in his son's situation, but Allison isn't quite sure if it was due to the relationship with the artifact or actual parental concern.

Taggart was nowhere to be found, but it sounds like I'll see the ex-wife, Abby for another episode or two. She said she'd be staying for a week, and Zoe is definitely an unsettled issue. Since she's 16, she may have more say in whether she stays with her father or moves back to L.A.

Once again I felt sorry for Jack at the end. He definitely wanted to turn to Allison after Abby's final statement, and his frustration was understandable.

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