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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Eureka: Noche de Suenos

This was the most believable Eureka introduction yet. Carter pulled someone out of a wrecked truck just after he saves Fargo from its swerving geek crushing clutches. Then the weird "shared" dreams begin with Carter, who at first thinks it was the toxic spill he was exposed to.

Sure, Eureka definitely leans not so slightly left of I doomed the world with the subatomic particle accelerator in my basement, but that's balanced out by things like Carter romping around town buck naked in a shared dream.

The show was particular interesting on the secrets front. For the first time, Allison lies to Carter. Henry dreams about erasing Jack's mind and Kevin's connection to the artifact is becoming more and more pronounced.I was definitely surprised by the interaction between Stark and Allison. Her acceptance of his refusal to deactivate the sleep device was unexpected. Considering that she wants to know what's going on with Kevin, it was understandable, just very surprising.

The second round of shared dreams was the best yet. First we find Stark kissing Allison and then Cater kissing Allison while getting advice from the efficiency expert. I couldn't stop laughing during the Spanish soap opera Zorro knock off dream starring none other than Lupo, Stark and Fargo as the daring man in black.

Carter manages some amazing leaps in intuition, but this time he managed something extra. He pulled the idea of the neural network causing the shared dreams practically out of nowhere.
There's just one other problem with this episode. I'm not sure how it could possibly get any funnier. Seriously, Fargo just had a sword fight with Stark, then carved a 'F' in Lupo's shirt. Honestly, I can't wait to see where this season is heading.

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