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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Prison Break: Fin Del Camino

Things you need to know

Lincoln tries to catch up with Michael

T-Bag is waiting for Michael to show up. Michael finds T-Bag and has flashback of everything T-Bag has done wrong in the past.

Mahone talks with his wife and tells her he is quitting his job as soon as he finishes his task.

Michael is suspicious of the T-Bag situation. He uses a young boy to find out which people are FBI and are watching T-Bag.

Michael runs into Bellick and Sucre. Michael is forced into helping Bellick get T-Bags money.

Sara Tancrdi is on trial. Tancredi is offered a plea deal of 12 years in prison. Tancredi relunctantly agrees.

Kellerman is sad and upset. He puts his military uniform on and puts his gun to his head and pulls the trigger.

Sucre wants to kill Bellick as soon as he gets Mericruz’s location. Michael says he won’t help him if he wants to kill Bellick.

Bellick sets off the fire alarm in order to get T-Bag out of the hotel. The FBI, Michael, Bellick, and Sucre follow T-Bag. Mahone follows Michael.

Lincoln knocks out Mahone. Lincoln and Mahone fight and Lincoln eventually pulls a gun on Mahone.

Bellick, Michael, and Sucre capture the FBI agents.

Michael, Bellick and Sucre follow T-Bag into a building and hold him hostage.

T-Bag tells them the money is in the closet and when they open the door they see a dead woman. T-Bag escapes in the confusion.

The police surround the building. Michael and Sucre escape in time but the police capture Bellick.

Michael and Sucre catch T-Bag again and drive him to the embassy. T-Bag offers information to Michael if he lets him go.

T-Bag stabs Sucre with a screwdriver in the car and Michael crashes the car. T-Bag escapes again.

Michael gets a citizen to call for help for Sucre while he chases after T-Bag.

Michael catches up to T-Bag and they get into a knife fight. Michael knocks T-Bag down and stabs him in the arm

T-Bag is stuck to the floor until the police arrive and arrest him.

Kellerman’s suicide attempt fails when his gun sticks.

Before Sara can take the plea deal, Kellerman agrees to testify on her behalf.

Michael gets a phone call from Mahone. Mahone gets the gun from Lincoln and has him hostage. Mahone wants T-Bag’s money and the boat in exchange for Lincoln.

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