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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Friday Night Lights: Mud Bowl

Excuse me for a moment . . . WOOOOO HOOOOO! The Panthers are going to State!!!!
Ok, with that out of my system, it's time to catch up with our ever-deepening cast of characters.

I'm sure most high schools don't have toxic trains within five miles of the school or stadium. But hey, just like the silly business about playing the state semifinals in a pasture (no coach in his right mind would do that), I can overlook some over-dramatization because I love the people and the stories on this show. I'm anticipating a depression soon when the season ends.

Speaking of Coach Taylor, his response could not have been better when he sees that giant ad for sleazy car dealer, Buddy Garrity, on the side of the stadium. As the old saying goes, he looked like he "had just bit a lemon." No wonder he skips out on playing at a really, really shiny new stadium, and no wonder he's thinking hard about that college job (after all, there's no commercialization in college sports, right?).

Saracen's best friend Landry has been one of my favorite characters all season, and it was good to see him more this week. He had a great line when he told Tyra (with whom he is completely smitten) that he started a math club at school, "but no one showed up to the meetings." And then he was great in the final scenes, after she had been attacked in the parking lot. Admit it, you knew this guy in high school, if you weren't actually him.

Cheerleader girlfriend, Lyla, for all her faults, may have snapped quarterback Jason Street out of his funk (a quick splash of water never hurts). It even got him to finally speak out about the lawsuit; the scene at the settlement conference was a little fuzzy, but apparently he was able to end the whole thing. Now if he can graduate and get through four years of college, he can get a job at Dillon High, teaching PE and coaching JV soccer and the quarterbacks.

Dennis the Menace "Bo" seems to be thrilled at the thought of mopey buddy, Tim Riggins, having sleepovers at his house; next thing you know, he'll be talking about "Uncle Tim Riggins of the Dillon Panthers" all the time.

As silly as playing the state semifinals in a pasture was, the football scenes turned out to be pretty dramatic, including yet another winning score on the last play of the game. And in a bit more dramatic license, the Panthers' opponents in the state finals in Texas Stadium will be West Cambia, current home of spurned quarterback VooDoo Tatum. Somebody else is headed for double-secret probation, we suspect.

Saracen takes so much grief from people, it's fun to hear him dish it out occasionally, as when he gets on the love-struck Landry about his "study date" with Tyra: "It's gonna be a huge night. I mean, you're gonna square a lot of numbers, maybe figure out a quadratic equation or something . . . it's adorable, what you're doing."

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