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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pam's New Music Downloads

It's been a while since I have heard anything worth downloading. But now that summer season officially starts tomorrow, the music scene is heating up.

When it comes to establishing real staying power in the flavor-of-the month pop scene, the second album is critical. But the Arctic Monkeys bring the heat again on Favourite Worst Nightmare, which comes as close to matching their first album as one could have reasonably expected. On "Fluorescent Adolescent", frontman Alex Turner sings about a girl gone unwild. Luckily, though, these Monkeys won't be tamed anytime soon.

Fountains of Wayne continue to display a penchant for the witty, detail storytelling. Their latest album Traffic and Weather includes a suspicious boyfriend who spies his girl "with some guy wearing light-blue Dockers pants" on "This Better Be Good." To go along with their knack for narrative, Fountains of Wayne have a gift for breezy melodies and breezier harmonies that make their tunes go by like smooth cruising down the highway.

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