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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Bones: Bodies in the Book

I haven't been watching Bones since Friday Night Lights was moved to 8pm on Wednesdays. So I was anxious to get caught up on all my favorite characters.

Well, at least I wasn't hungry when this episode ended. The first victim, who was eaten by crabs, wasn't too bad, and the third victim, Brennan's publicist, who was chewed on by fire ants, was a bit discomforting. But the second victim, the girl who was being devoured by rats . . . that was downright disgusting. It was definitely a 'close your eyes' moment for me. Gore is part of the show. And, not only do they do it extremely well, but they incorporate it into the episode without seeming out of place.

This mystery worked for me. Three murders take place, each of them mimicking scenes in Temperance's new book. At first I thought that it was done by one person, just like Booth and the rest of the squints of the Jeffersonian Institution did. And, I thought that one person was Hank, the assistant to Bones' publicist. But, when it was revealed that the three suspects were connected (Hank killed victim 2, suspect 1 killed the publicist, suspect 2 killed the first victim) it all came together. The first suspect had an alibi saying he was at a campground. The third victim was killed by fire ants. Excellent!

Over to Bones' relationship with Sully. Can someone out there please tell me why, when two people have sex on a television show, they are shown under the sheets? It gets hot and stuffy under those covers, folks. This is where we first found our two lovebirds. However, as the episode continued it seemed that Brennan was distancing herself from Sully, moving away from the protection he was offering. She declared their relationship was a fling, but she and Sully knew better. In the end they made up and seemed to be taking the next step in their relationship.

Gosh, Hodges had some fine lines this week. One was 'Do you know how tight a rat's rectum can be?'. Another was said during a conversation between him and Cam. When Cam says she probably won't read Bones' new book she reveals that she enjoys books that feature strong women who meet sensitive artists and have mad, animal sex with them. To that, Hodgins responded 'So, pretty much sex books?'.

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