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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Prison Break - the Message

There were many explosive moments and cast reappearances in this episode of Prison Break that first aired January 29. "The Message" can be best summed up in something I will call "The Good, the Bad, and the Pretty."

The Good

Only on Prison Break can three guys manage to walk out of the front door in a place surrounded by cops and the media and still manage to get away. Sucre returns and he is getting closer to Maricruz. He encounters help along the way. Mahone shows his FBI savvy skills when he figures out Michael and Lincoln's declaration of innocence. All I can say is "how does he do it?"

The Bad

Haywire, my favorite Whack Shack Graduate, returns but his new friend's abusive father brings back terrible memories of his own. So he ends up dealing with her problem the same way he dealt with his. Nice to see that Bellick got the beating of his life from Banks and company. Certainly a twist of fate. And asking Katie to leave the door open for you?! Oh no, he did not go there! Caroline, President of U.S., calls Kellerman and tries to win him back. Whose side is he really on?

The Pretty

What an elaborate way to send out a message! Twenty-six minutes of hidden messages hoping that his lady love would figure it out. Sara does and sends her own message to "Michael Crane." I personally liked "Origami" better.

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