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Monday, February 19, 2007

My Name is Earl: Foreign Exchange Student

Item # 44 from Earl's list: Picked on a French kid. First aired February 1, 2007.

Earl flies Pierre back to America to make up for teasing him when they were children. Earl tries to show him all the great stuff in America, but finally Pierre lets him in on why he left. The only thing French guys have going for them is their accent when they are in America (obviously everyone sounds like him in France). He came over for the girls. So Earl takes him around to seduce and kiss all the girls he didn’t get to in school.

Randy tells Catalina he loves her, and she replies she loves him too, but she was lying. Joy convinces Catalina to gross herself up for her and Randy’s consummation so he won’t want her anymore. She does it but realizes Randy is wonderful, whereas Randy is now totally turned off by her.

Funny stuff:

  • It’s a French booger!
  • Picture of Earl with his eyes closed
  • Randy’s giggling when thinking about sex with Catalina
  • Everyone thinks France is shaped like a boot
  • Pierre’s perspective on E.T.
  • Pierre’s perspective on how we treated their gift of the Statue of Liberty
  • “Mrs. Frogger…We don’t have that one yet, but I’m sure scientists are working on it.”
  • “1812! That one was close!”
  • Yuk! Shoving the toilet biscuit at Earl’s face!
  • Feeding Pierre rainbow sugar bits through a bullet hole in the wall.

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