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Thursday, February 22, 2007

New Music Downloads - Earnhardt Tails, Cold Matter

It has been so cold this winter, but thank Bast I have a warm home to live in. (Bast is reputed to be the head deity of cats since Ramses hot-rodded up and down the Nile in a two-tone chariot. Talk about your low-riders).

I do not ordinarily put my faith in supernatural agencies, especially since those ancient Egyptians used to mummify my forebears – no way to treat a gent of any species. Longevity in a form resembling dried parsley flakes does not appeal to my sense of dignity, not to mention my joie de vivre.

My warm blooded Ms. Pam and I have been staying warm listening to music in the evenings. She reads and I snuggle in on her lap. Talk about the easy life.

This week she downloaded a couple of new songs that I have to admit I like and both get my tail a tapping.

In the 2004 movie Garden State, Natalie Portman declared that The Shins "will change your life." Since then the group has transformed from indie-scene darlings to Saturday Night Live headliners with the release of Wincing the Night Away. The Shins are adopting to life in the spotlight with their new song of "Australia," where their gift for melody remains evident.

After two CDs with Gorillaz, Damon Albarn steps out with a new cast of characters on one of 2007's early musical highlights. The Good, the Bad & The Queen released their debut CD, by the same name, is a royal effort. A highlight is the single "Herculean."

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