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Friday, February 16, 2007

MTTT - Thirsty Third Thursday - Damon's

February's MTTT was held at Damon's Grill. Damon's has been around Kalamazoo for over 15 years and is probably the one of the best places for ribs and pulled pork sandwiches.

Sadly, Steve Montayne is selling the building (very hot intersection) and they are tearing it down to build a strip mall this spring. He said they will have small "Subway" type Damon's in the new strip mall for people to pick up ribs and BBQ. He is also refurbishing an old restaurant on the west-side of Kalamazoo and turning it into a Texas Corral. How many Texas-type places does this town need?? I personally don't care for these loud, obnoxious places so I highly doubt I will be frequenting it. I have always like Damon's and will miss it.

What a great turn-out for MTTT. Nearly 20+ people showed up. Fortunately, we had a large group of employees visiting this week from our other locations. Jillian was here from Tampa, Gina from Las Vegas, Jane from Indianapolis, Dave from Seattle, Larry from Raleigh, Walt from Chattanooga, and Catherine from Austin. Plus, of course, our regulars.

Me, Girts and Lindsey

I had my favorite sandwich - BBQ Pulled Pork. As always, it was perfect. Although, I was disappointed that Damon's discontinued their onion straws so I had to go with fries. I started the evening off with my favorite beer - Blue Moon. But after one glass (it is a very heavy Belgium beer) moved to their raspberry margaritas.

It was evening of laughs. Most notably, the group visiting us had asked me to set them up separately for dinner so they could talk shop. I told the waitress that at 7pm I needed a reservation for nine in the dining room. We were in the "clubhouse" area. The group settled up their bill around 7pm and everyone followed each other to the dining room. Seconds later, the hostess brought them back into the clubhouse and sat them at the table next to us. It was probably one of those things you had to be there, but those of us sitting at our table had never laughed so hard. I was tears and am still laughing as I type this.

Next month's MTTT is our Annual St. Patrick's Celebration at O'Duffy's on March 15.

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