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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

CSI: Meet Market

Bones and tissue, and male "hosts" - oh my! Grissom's writing letters, but not sending them and I don't know why. Maybe I'll figure it out before the hatching of the butterfly?

"Meet Market", a classic CSI episode, first aired February 1, 2007.

Last week I was too involved in the "mutiny" of the CSIs to notice Grissom was gone. This week, there is a very short scene of Grissom (with a full beard again) writing a letter to Sara. The cameras linger on a line that says he misses her. But when Grissom goes to address the envelope, something causes him to stop midway through. I got the feeling that he won't be sending that letter after all.

There were a couple of cases going on too. First, Keppler and Nick investigate the theft of bones and tissue. I have a tough stomach, but even I was a little grossed out for this one. Just the thought of someone placing an umbrella inside the body of my deceased loved one - ick. Nick seems to have gotten over his anger from last week when Keppler and Catherine kept the rest of the team in the dark. Or maybe he was just mad at Catherine for not trusting him.

Sara and Warrick investigate the case of a male relationship Host Club, where women pay men for "companionship." A women was found bludgeoned to death in her home. The vic spent a lot of time with a particular host named Jesse. It doesn't take long for me to figure out that he is the killer. The only remaining question is why, and of course, I soon discover this lady gave up Jesse for adoption when he was infant and now just wanted to get closer him. A very messed up reversed Oedipal complex.

Another strange incident involved a card that Keppler received in the mail. It had a picture of young girl and clearly indicated that she died in 1985 at the age of 16. And at the end, Keppler went into the morgue to finish up some work. There is a corpse on the table, but in his mind he sees the young girl. Then a whispered voice behind him calls out "Keppler ..." and the show fades out. It's all very creepy.

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