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Saturday, July 19, 2008

MTTT - Fieldstone Grill

The gang of M's Thirsty Third Thursday decided no matter how hot it was, we were going to sit outside. Since summer here in SW Michigan is usually only three or four months, we try to take advantage of every warm day. Well warm it was - like near 90 degrees on Thursday.

Luckily the Fieldstone Grill has a covered patio area and it was just lovely sitting outside. Lots of alumnae showed up - Randy & Peat, Bob, Megan, and Bert. Plus Gary brought his family and Megan's fiance', Chris, also came along.

The eclectic menu is very impressive at the Fieldstone Grill, which is part of the Millennium Restaurant Group. The decor is among the best Southwest Michigan has to offer, and the outdoor patio offers a view of a beautiful marsh. And whether one puts down a bunch of cash or spends light on a pizza or hamburger, one is bound to get an unusual twist on the average. There is also an excellent take-out menu and house-made desserts.

John, Cheryl & I had the hamburgers. They were so huge, I could only eat half of mine. Megan & Liz both had nachos. Randy & Maddy split the calamari and Kristen had the Caprese salad. Bert took a chicken dinner to go. Everyone else just enjoyed their drinks and the good company.

The Fieldstone is one of my favorite places. I stop here when I have an hour or so to kill after work. The bar inside is very nice and classy and I fell comfortable sitting there by myself. If you haven't been to the Fieldstone, be sure to check it out. You won't be disappointed.
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