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Friday, July 13, 2007

The Simpsons: Stop or My Dog Will Shoot

Bart: You can't send him away. He's a dog, not Grandpa.

You know, if Santa's Little Helper is the main focus of an episode, chances are it's not going to be very good. I didn't laugh very much during this episode, but here's what I did like:
  • The man exposed at the cornucopia contest exposed for "stuffing his horn"
  • Homer freaking out in the maze when Marge says they should "split up" (she means they should "split up" to find their way out, Homer thinks she wants a divorce)
  • The police animal training school scene where dogs attack Eddie (in a protective suit), followed by horses and crocodiles doing the same
  • Santa's Little Helper filled out the police report himself?
  • The pet shop owner keeping the python on a wheel and selling it by the foot like twine
  • The Microsoft paper clip popping up on the computer screen as the python swallows it: "you look like you're trying to eat me. Need some help?"

The rest of the episode, though, felt really flat, and Santa's Little Helper was way out of character. The Santa's Little Helper I know is not nearly as smart as the dog in this episode. He's loyal and fun-loving, yes, but he's also rather dumb, which is part of his charm, and also the reason he works better in small doses, rather than the main focus of the entire episode.

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