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Monday, July 16, 2007

CSI: Living Doll

"You were the one thing I thought I done right." -Ernie Dell

That's it, huh? It's weird, but I suppose it is possible to enjoy something that you don't like. It's too bad that this is what I waited all season for, but the resolution of the Miniature Killer story was far less imaginative than I hoped it would be. The identity of the killer ended up being just about as standard as it could get and nothing creative even seemed to be attempted. Very un-CSI like if you ask me.

Natalie Davis, i.e. The Miniature Killer, was indeed one of Ernie Dell's foster kids who just happened to be out of her mind. The "great" twist? She blamed Grissom for her foster father's suicide. Foolish I know, but there wasn't much else to go on I guess. I hate to say it, but I have to complain.

First on my list? Is it just me, or was it ridiculously easy to figure out who the killer was? All season, it's been this huge mystery. If I've learned one thing about Grissom, he's incredibly smart. Always a step ahead. Now he's been making his own model for what? Maybe a month or two now? So he's probably made half a dozen trips to that hobby shop. He was even on a first name basis with the owner. This episode was the first time he thought to bring in some parts of previous miniatures to see if the owner recognized any of the work! You're kidding me, right? You know he had discussed the case with the owner because they were on the same page. That's just sloppy right there. The identity of Natalie could have been achieved a while ago! If you're going to stretch a case over multiple episodes, don't make the answers so easy to find.

Next up? Natalie's motives for her past killings. Ernie tried to feed his foster child some legit reasons for her killings should she get busted, but that was all bogus. Am I supposed to believe that she crossed paths with the three previous victims (as a temp cleaning lady) and took them all out simply because they were in possession of bleach? I think I am. That's too bad if Hodge's discovery was indeed the only thing that tied the cases together. At least we got an explanation as to why she hates bleach so much. Her father used it to clean up the blood of her first kill - her sister. I was hoping for something far more in depth and maybe we'll get that in the season eight premiere, but I doubt it.

Finally? Man... I'm not a Jorja Fox fan at all. I get the impression that the ending was supposed to be far more exciting and her refusal to show up and film her death scene messed it all up. Now I'm left with the wiggling hand (of some stunt double probably) allowing the summer for contract negotiations. Will she die or won't she die? I guess it depends on how much money CBS is willing to pay Fox. Frankly... I don't care.

As I mentioned earlier, I still liked the episode... sort of. Despite the fact that I was hugely disappointed with the story and the cliffhanger ending, I was still glued to the TV screen because I did want answers. I do think we'll get some in the fall premiere... just not good ones. Hopefully if Sara does die, we can move past it quickly and maybe the show can re-invent itself a little with some new cast members.

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