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Friday, July 6, 2007

CSI: Leapin' Lizards

Another one-shot episode and a crazy one at that. Fortunately I got some little hints as to what may be in store for everyone as the season winds down.

The main case as I said was a bit crazy. Believers of some kooky reptilian race were behind the conspiracy and murder of a Las Vegas black-jack dealer who they apparently thought was some kind of hostile lizard queen. Hmm... there's a sentence you don't find yourself typing out every day.

Ally Sheedy (she looked terrible!) was featured in many of the interrogation scenes. She played the woman with the sword who slayed the aforementioned hostile lizard queen. This sounds hilarious now that I'm writing about it by the way. It was just an all-over-the-place plot from the aliens, to the hallucinations, to the mounted woman's head and the pigs that ate her body. I suppose it's stuff of that nature that keeps me glued to an episode of CSI.

As far as our main characters go, we got some very interesting developments which has me excited for the conclusion of the Miniature Killer plot. Before I jump to that, let's talk about Warrick. I feel bad for the guy. I feel like he's barely been in this season at all and now I find out that his wife Tina is having issues with the hours he works. So his marriage is going downhill. If it does fall apart, it'd be interesting if they tried to explore his gambling addiction again.

Back to the good stuff. Way back when Grissom was on sabbatical in MA, he wrote that love letter to Sara. I didn't know if he mailed it. He didn't and Sara found it tucked in a book near Gil's nightstand. She read it, smirked a little, and then her face was almost drained of any emotion. She looked downright creepy, almost as if she was thinking about how she has this guy wrapped around her finger and he has no idea.

Speaking of that, how about Grissom making his own replica (of what?) at the end of episode? It's like he's trying to get into the mind of his adversary.

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