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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Prison Break: Bad Blood

Man, that felt good. Seriously, the best part of the season was in the second half of this episode, when Bill Kim got a beat down by the front end of an SUV and then Lincoln's fist a few times. It's almost too bad he didn't get a few slugs in the process, but we already knew that wouldn't happen ... yet.This was actually one of the better episodes of the season, though not without its own set of problems.

The T-Bag portion of this story was well played out. We got a revealing view into the terrible past Ted had as a kid and how it clearly affected him as a man. Now I know this show isn't necessarily known for being deep on social values, but what we're seeing here is how T-Bag's life after breaking out of prison is having a better effect at "fixing" him (for lack of a better word) than prison was.

I'm actually sorry to see that C-Note is still in the picture, as next to Lincoln he may be the stupidest escapee of the bunch, including Haywire. Ever since he revealed his intent on escaping, I knew he was one person not to trust. He just couldn't bear to live without his selfish intentions, almost killing his daughter in the process. And now he has to throw Michael to the wolves (aka FBI)? That's just great.

For once the conspiracy surrounding Lincoln's setup was interesting to me. I've always liked Stacy Keach's character as Pope, and to see him come back again was a treat. I'm also very interested to know what could possibly be on that recording that would help Lincoln so much -- could there really be a recording that's convincing enough not to be a forgery?

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