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Monday, March 5, 2007

Monk: Visits A Farm

I like Monk, I really do. But as they make more and more episodes, it just seems lately all are the same. I liked when he made a little progress toward something, like his wife's murder case. But now he just goes somewhere where he is uncomfortable and solves a lame case.

This episode was especially bad since they didn't even have many suspects. We all know who it was from the get-go. Well, that's not fair. A lot of times they will show the murder in the teaser before the credits, and it's a matter of watching Monk solve it rather than a whodunit.

Anyway, about the episode.When I say it was bad, it wasn't so much the episode. It was fairly funny, and there was the added sympathetic Randy Disher story. Randy messes up a lot though so until he mentioned it was his uncle who died, I didn't really get why he was taking it so hard.

He asks Monk to come and see if he can find out anything in case his uncle was murdered, which of course he was. And Monk has to take "a bus? a bus? to a farm?" It's funny when Monk almost turns down cases because of his fears. Although lately they seem to be focusing more on that, rather than the subtlety of his affliction and how it affects his work. But it was funny when he was counting the chicken feed instead of just throwing handfuls in.

Another very funny part was when Monk thought he was high. He handcuffed himself to a tractor and was going insane about how he was getting the munchies. This was hysterical.

Monk solves the case and uses Randy's sleep-hypnosis self-help tape to tell him what happened so he can solve the case and become a cop again, which gives him faux confidence that he can solve cases in his sleep.

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