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Saturday, March 3, 2007

My Name Is Earl: Blow

Earl takes on number 101 on his list, "Stole a girl's identity." Years ago, Earl and Joy stole the credit card of Joy’s sworn enemy: Liberty Washington. Now turns out, Liberty is Joy’s half-sister, spawned during one of her dad’s interracial trysts.
Liberty wants to be a professional wrestler, her husband wants a baby (My dad was a Ray. I’m a Ray Ray. I want a Ray Ray Ray!), Joy wants to get pregnant to make the jury like her better, Crabman doesn’t want to have to take care of another child without a mother if Joy goes to jail. In the end, Liberty deals with her jealousy of the attention Joy got from their shared father, and Joy becomes Liberty’s surrogate.

Funny stuff:

  • Joy: “Yeah, great like a weenie wart!”
  • The stuff Joy and Earl used Liberty’s money for: Paid for a homeless guy to get laser eye surgery and hired him as their butler for the day: “Your pockets are hot!”
  • Klanimal!
  • Randy gets to live his dream of “getting beat up by a woman in tights.
  • Joy whips open her robe at Randy, and growls sexily, “You know where babies come from Randy?” He points at her “Yeah, at the bottom of that fuzzy lightning bolt.”
  • Catalina sniffs Randy’s hair!
  • Black Ladies of Wrestling (BLOW)
  • Joy: “And that’s for paying my prom date to stab me!”

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