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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sarah Connor Chronicles: Brothers of Nablus

Well, there's definitely a split between the terminators in the future. Even though Cromartie is after the Connors, he destroyed the Ellison model that was sent to replace the original, explaining by saying that Skynet didn't have the faith in the real Ellison to deliver the Connors the way Cromartie did. I'm still not sure what he meant by that. But then later, Weaver seemed genuinely intrigued by this turn of events as well, even asking Ellison if he knows why the T-Ellison may have been sent.

Meanwhile, Cromartie draws closer and closer to deducing the current location of the Connors in his own quest to find them, even enlisting some help from a former "friend" of Allison's Cameron's. This episode was pretty light on the time travel elements, which helped minimize the potential headaches in watching it and trying to figure out how the hell it all connects, but pretty high on the entertainment.

When Jody, Cameron's "friend," asked Cromartie if he was going to hurt Cameron and he answered "Yes," I learned pretty quickly that she still holds something of a grudge against Cameron and John for the whole choking and almost killing her thing. She even tries to ride shotgun with Cromartie to witness the ass-whupping a-comin'. I was actually surprised she let him tag along for as long as she did, and that he got rid of her non-lethally.

I liked the idea of Ellison getting framed for the actions of a Terminator who impersonated him. That's actually a pretty effective way to go back in time and take care of certain problem individuals; get 'em thrown in the slammer. You'd think they would intentionally do that. I mean, in this case it was by accident as the terminator was supposed to have replaced Ellison. Just imagine how the arrest would have gone if it had been a T-Ellison.

Jesse brings an interesting element out of Derek. He's generally all business. And considering she and Derek used to work together, it really makes me wonder who she's working for now and how long it will be before he figures her out.

When Cromartie showed up at the Connor house, would-be girlfriend Riley showed some real balls getting him out of the house, even though she clearly had no idea what was going on. When it turned out she was responsible for leaving the house vulnerable to the break-in, I'll admit that I got suspicious of her and her motives. After all, Jesse came back into Derek's life with a motive. Maybe Riley has one, too. Or is it possible that there is one simple and innocent girl who just happened to get interested in John Connor? Does that kind of thing even happen in a show like this? It's a shame it can't last because their developing bond is pretty damned cute. In fact, she's got a great personality, so normal and teenager-like. Unlike anything he's used to anymore. It actually amplifies just how screwed up his life is.

Other Thoughts:

In case I might have been forgetting that Cameron is a cold-oiled killing machine, the bowling alley tonight served as a great reminder. "They knew where we lived," seemed a good enough explanation for her.

The switch from the interrogating detective to Catherine Weaver was ridiculously cheap. They'd have been better showing him walking toward the corner of the building, cut to a shot from around the corner and show Weaver rounding it. Do I have to do everything?

Do all terminators have the Bible memorized? What possible purpose could that serve? Do they have other books programmed? If that is the case, then I could understand it because it's giving them a cultural basis on which to emulate human behavior. Maybe they're supposed to get religious.

Damn, the landlord is pregnant! I wonder if they'll work the baby's birth into the storyline somehow, or if the Connors will even still be around by then.

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