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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Book Review: The Chocolate Jewel Case by Joanna Carl

For my monthly book discussion group, the Great Readers of M were asked to pick any book by Joanna Carl from her Chocolate Mysteries series. I chose The Chocolate Jewel Case. I have never heard of this series but after reading this particular book, I know I will not take the time to read anymore of her books.

First, the author has got to get rid of the stupid tongue-tangling gimmick. It was extremely annoying. It seems so forced that it's ridiculous.
Lee was not my favorite main character. She is downright unbearable. It seemed like she was angry, annoyed and ticked off through the entire book. Every little thing that anyone did, there she was, stomping around, nosing into their business and determining how she would question them about something or other. She was downright unlikeable, and I couldn't help wondering why on earth Joe would've wanted to marry someone like her.

And speaking of marriage -- I get it, Lee married Joe. I got it in the first chapter. I didn't need to be beat over the head with that, or the fact that they're living in Lee's house, at least once a page.

Besides all this, the plot was very thin, with too many things going on that were too easy to figure out. And there were far too many characters that were brought in for this one story.

All in all, a very big disappointment.

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