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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dirty Sexy Money - The Silence

Election night on Dirty Sexy Money was about more than simple politics. There were lost children, marriage proposals, and bribes to worry about. With so many major things happening, though, I wish some of the minor storylines had been cut from this episode. Nick's gradual transformation into the next Tripp Darling is fascinating, and I finally got a better idea about Simon's master plan.

Nick Becoming Tripp: "The Star Witness" showed Nick and Tripp being equally manipulative of certain family members. "The Silence" gave me another look at Nick's development as Tripp's apprentice. Ellen's brother, Chase (a.k.a. Poor Man's Matthew Perry), turned up at Tripp's office with harsh words and accusations. It only took a hefty bribe and a persuasive argument on Nick's part to shoo him away. Even Chase noticed the similarities between the two men; as much as he tries to be the good guy, Nick is well on his way to becoming like his employer. He even has a duplicitous wife, just like Tripp. Lisa's no longer the object of Jeremy's affection, but she was more than willing to have a "financial affair" when it served her interests. Here's hoping the new gallery will put a stop to Lisa's tedious me-or-the-Darlings scenes.

Simon Declares His Intentions: It's about time Simon made his agenda known to the world (and, more importantly, the viewers)! The plan to take over Darling Enterprises using Karen's shares is only one piece of the puzzle, though. I still don't know who he's working with. Would it have killed Karen to wait for Tripp to recover from his heart attack before accepting Simon's proposal? There had better be a soapy Darling-Elder showdown. The rest of the family needs to get in on this feud; I'm starting to believe that Karen's in over her head.

No More Carmelita? Can it really be over for one of the few stable couples on this show? I could go either way on this development. My inner Carmelita fan is sorry to see the relationship end, but the break-up might be good for the show. A hardened, ambitious Patrick will be more entertaining than a blissful, honeymoon stage Patrick. I'm intrigued by Patrick's resolve to be more like Tripp, and curious to see what Pat has in store for his father. His conversation with Nick at Tripp's hospital bed sounded vaguely threatening.

Other thoughts/highlights:

I usually enjoy the father and son moments between Brian and Brian Jr., but this mini-drama was a little blah. On the bright side, the compromise between Brian and Andrea could mean less Andrea in future episodes.

"We're serving domestic limoncello? This stuff is toxic!" --Jeremy

Nick knows about Nola and Jeremy. I can't wait for him to use this information to his advantage.

"Look at him: Like Freddy Krueger, waiting for a chance to kill again." --Patrick, about Tripp

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