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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

MTTT - Bell's Brewery - 4th Anniversary

I can't believe four years have passed since I started organizing the M Thirsty Third Thursday events. As is our tradition, the MTTT'ers gather at Bell's Brewery where it all began in August 2004.

This month though it was a little bitter-sweet because we were saying goodbye to two co-workers - Krista & Kit.

Bell's Brewery is based in Kalamazoo and has a nation-wide following. One of their most popular and publized beer is Oberon Ale. I'm going to try to pack an Oberon and hopefully it will make it on the long journery to Germany next week. Our local paper, the Kalamazoo Gazette, has a special blog called KalamaBrew, which features the local breweries and photos of their products taken throughout the world. I will let you know if my photo makes it on their blog.

I also personally like their Amber Ale. The Ecletic Cafe' offers up great sandwiches. Their BBQ pulled pork is one of the best in the area.

As always, we had a great time at Bell's; although my drive home was eventful when a cop pulled me over for running a red light. I'm still not convinced the light was totally red, but I certainly wasn't going to argue with her. I was totally bummed. This was my first traffic violation ever! Not bad for someone who has driven for over 30 years.

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