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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Simpsons: The Haw-Hawed Couple

At first glance, this episode of The Simpsons is like a box of unbuttered popcorn mixed with M&Ms: even if the whole snack is rather bland, there's plenty of great bits tossed in. I loved Marge uncharacteristically whacking Bart with a wooden spoon, Homer's cry of "Woo hoo! Marital sex!", and Milhouse telling Bart it's better to walk in on both parents being intimate instead of just one of them.

Nelson is a bully, but he's a complex bully. His home life is anything but ideal, but at school his knack for intimidation makes him king of everyone, even if his subjects secretly despise him. When Bart is the only one who shows up to his birthday party, Nelson is so thrilled he recruits Bart as his best friend, and Bart takes advantage of all the perks. Nelson soon realizes, however, that Bart really doesn't like him at all, and as usual everything ends up back to normal in the end.

A decent episode, I thought, though not spectacular. My favorite part of the episode actually came from the secondary plot in which Homer becomes engrossed in a Harry Potter-like children's book. When one of the main characters is killed off, he worries about upsetting Lisa so he makes up his own ending to the story where everyone escapes and later "fight Star Wars."

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