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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rescue Me: Pussified

"Next time I'm on the can and I want a drink, I don't want to have to reach back and come up empty!" - Maggie

I think this may have been the first episode in the history of Rescue Me where there wasn't one moment that really made me laugh, smile, or chuckle. How could it? A montage bouncing back and forth from Mike's mom's funeral to Needles discovering Jerry's body! Wow. That being said, I wasn't 100% satisfied with this episode. It just felt a little stale, like nothing really moved. I suppose when a close friend kills himself, life comes to a bit of a screeching halt though.

Now that I think about it, every big thing that happened in this episode has been something that was hinted at or suggested already. Franco bought an engagement ring. Sean and Maggie are probably getting a divorce. Tommy might actually be impotent. The insurance companies are settling and neither Tommy nor Sheila will go to jail. See? Nothing really shocked or surprised me. What did? I'm still getting nothing from Tommy's ghost parade. I need some hallucinations of dead people and I need them fast.

The episode did have its moments. Some funny and some sad:
  • It was a nice touch when Tommy convinced the M.E. to list Jerry's cause of death as "coronary failure." That way Peter will never know how his father actually died, especially since the guys had him cremated too.
  • I loved the look of satisfaction on Lou's face when he figured out that Jimmy the Jew was leeping with another fire-fighter's wife. Looks like Bart is coming to the 62 Truck crew.
  • Troy being completely obsessed with Tommy was a riot. Is that the only reason that he's dating Sheila?
  • Loved when Lou gave Mike a hug instead of making a gay joke. Not for long though. ("We attack at dawn!")
  • The fire scene in the office building was tense too. After they got lost, I really thought someone minor like Mike was going to die. If one show out there can layer on the deaths, this would be the one.
  • The scene with the marriage counselor was by far the best part of the episode though. Janet and Tommy explain their screwed up life and the guy thought he was being set up by a co-worker. Hilarious!
  • I loved the little nod to the Worcester, MA, Cold Storage Fire (where Leary's own firefighter cousin was killed) when Tommy talked about a similar fire that Jerry helped with in the Bronx back in the 70s. Another nice touch.

Beyond those little moments, there wasn't much else other than what I mentioned earlier. Just a lot of stuff that confirmed what I already sort of knew. Now that I'm four episodes in, I think my biggest concern is not knowing what the big conflict is going to be.I think Tommy and Janet will still probably have another shot once he actually has a doctor diagnose what's wrong with his wedding-tackle. As far as Nona goes, she'll be around to complicate things. I'm sure Sheila will be too once she tires of Troy. But still... where's the conflict? I suppose all I can hope for is something big that I can't yet predict. Knowing this show, I'm sure it will be good.

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