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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rescue Me: Commitment

Jerry's story has been developed really quietly this season. He had more screen time in this episode that he did in the first two episodes combined I think. You get my point though. He's there and he's not. Now that I know how this episode ended, it makes sense to me. His lack of a presence in this season now feels like a creative choice by Denis Leary. Jerry was a ghost this season. I knew things weren't looking too bright for him. His job was in jeopardy, his wife has been completely lost to Alzheimer's, his gay son who he doesn't truly accept is getting married, and now we find out that he's completely adverse to the idea of retirement.

The name of the episode was "Commitment" and that's exactly what Jerry needed. People to care about, to do favors for, and to look out for. If he retired or took the H.Q. job, he doesn't have that commitment. He'd have no one and unfortunately for me Jerry knew that. That final sequence as Jerry made his last supper, played with his new golf clubs a little, and groomed himself... it was tough to watch. I'm sure I'm not alone, but once he started chopping vegetables for his salad, I knew it was coming. It ended with it a gun in his mouth, a black screen, and a single shot. I don't know the outcome since it went black, but I don't see this being some kind of a set-up. Jerry Reilly was a great character and he'll be missed.

Alright. In an attempt to be slightly cheery, I'l move on. Actually... it might just be easier to list things that made me laugh...
  • Loved that fake ED treatment that Tommy was reading about in the magazine: Hugerophen. Great name!
  • Tommy stealing Mike's face cream.
  • Lou had some great ones. First he called Colleen's boyfriend Prick Jagger and then he compared Theresa's sex drive to a tsunami that destroys everything in its path. Hilarious.
  • I shouldn't have laughed, but I did: Richie's girlfriend bowling. I'm a horrible person.
  • Uncle Teddy wanting to go back to jail because he needs a schedule. He said he'd go on a killing spree!

That's what this show does though. It makes me laugh and cry. There are still plenty of stories that I'm looking forward to getting answers to though. How long before Tommy realizes Janet is going through post-partum? Is Colleen going to come home? What happens when Ellie finds Teddy? Will Tommy ever come to his senses and just sleep with Nona? Which house is Bart going to pick? And finally, will Jimmy make any more appearances? Actually... if this ended the way I think it ended, I might see Jerry again sooner than I thought. Tommy's ghost parade anyone?

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