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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Goodbye to a Former Classmate

Sadly a classmate of mine died tragically over the weekend in a motorcycle accident in Texas. I have known Eric Eickhoff since 1966. We started kindergarten together at West Elementary in Napoleon, Ohio. I'll never forget Eric those early years because we were normally seated next to each other because we were typically the shortest ones in our class. Of course, he was always picking on us girls. That's us from our 2nd Grade Class Photo (1968) where we had to sit boy, girl, boy, girl.

We both played trumpet in the jr. high and high school bands. But Eric and John (Buzzy) Wulff (another classmate who lost his life about 25+ years ago) were always 1st & 2nd chair. I never had the talent both of them had. They were always getting into trouble with Mr. King, our band director, but they always came through during the tough halftime shows and many parades we marched in.

My family moved to Michigan in 1977 and even though I didn't graduate from Napoleon High School I still consider it to my alma mater. In 2004, Eric returned from Texas to attending our 25 Year High School Reunion. Eric was part of our golf outing. We never had so much fun golfing. It was a delight to get reacquainted and to reminiscence about our years growing up.
Photo from 2004 Golf Outing: Me seated on the right, Eric behind me in the black t-shirt.

My deepest condolences go out to Eric's wife and his two children.

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