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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Prison Break: Just Business

Michael’s tumor is the clock that everyone is racing against, when it all comes down to it. Now the crew and the Company both rush to stop Self from unloading Scylla. Along the way, there are some double crosses and a couple neat little twists. It’s not the best episode (there are some “just go with it” moments), but it’s solid, and it continues to build on the momentum of the last few episodes.

Self shoots tear gas into the crew’s HQ. One canister looks like a dud, but I find out later that it contains a unique camera. Linc gets the drop on him, and Self and Gretchen run off to regroup, unaware that Sucre has stashed himself in their trunk. He passes along their position to Michael, but at the same time, the Company does a face ID to find Self and Gretchen. The crew gets there first, leading to a slugfest between Sucre and Gretchen. Michael manages to get Scylla, but has a seizure as he tries to flee. He collapses, Self regains Scylla, and Michael is picked up by the Company.

The fight between Sucre and Gretchen is pretty interesting. Most shows would set up a girt/girl fight. But kudos to the writers for not shying away from her tussling with a guy. Sucre is outmatched, though. Not a fair fight. Gretchen against Linc would seem to be the most even.

Meanwhile, Bagwell waits with Gretchen’s sister. When a man comes to the door selling bibles, Bagwell is convinced the man is Company. He drags him inside and ties him to a chair. Gretchen’s sister pleads on behalf of the man. Frustrated, and still regretting his break from the Cole Pfeiffer lifestyle, Bagwell lets them go and releases the man, only to have him be Company after all. The agent’s commitment to his role sells this storyline perfectly. Through the pleading, crying and praying, there is never a doubt that he’s just a bystander. As he is hauled off, Bagwell seems to be heading down the same path of regret and redemption that killed Abruzzi in season two.

After Lisa resigns from the Company, Mahone is betrayed by two former colleagues as he tries to go to the Attorney General and Self double-crosses the middlemen in his attempt to get rid of Scylla, Linc shows up at General Krantz’s office demanding to see Michael. The General offers the best medical care possible to save Michael’s life. In exchange, Linc will return Scylla to the General. As an “added incentive”, he hands him a file labeled “Tombstone II”, setting up the next wrinkle in the plotline.

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