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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Life: Canyon Flowers

Creepy. That’s how I felt during this episode of Life. From the time where Crews and Charlie found the dead driver buried as the stigma of a flower display to the very end scene, I had that sub-conscious feeling where I wanted to crawl a bit out of my skin. It wasn’t the murder itself that skeeved me out … it was the suspects and locations that gave me a bit of the heebie-jeebies.

It’s always the crazy ones who do the killing: Squeaky was always on my list as one of the suspects. She tried to throw me off by saying that Johnny Hazlet came and killed Tex, which made me think that it was Clifton who performed the murder. The more I thought about it, and the more evidence that was revealed, it made sense that Squeaky was the only one who could have committed the murders. Particularly since she seemed content that business picked up at her museum right after his death.

Flint and Maude and Clifton: At first, it didn’t seem possible that any of these folks could commit the murder. I mean, Flint and Maude didn’t even go outside. Clifton became my main suspect after Squeaky said Johnny killed Tex. He mention himself that he looked like his grandfather, so there was a logical connection. Turns out they weren’t murderers at all. They were just weird.

Mickey connects some puzzle pieces together: Good news and bad news for Charlie. The good news is that Mickey gave Charlie some additional information that may or may not be connected to the Conspiracy. The bad news … it may be more of ‘may not’ than ‘may.’ You see, it seems like the information Mickey gave would have been a bit inaccurate when it came to who FBI agent Bodner was working for. Mickey said he was working for an assassin Charlie and Dani captured last season. But, after the FBI agent visited Charlie at his house, it looks like it might be the other way around.

Ted gets busted: Charlie is a good cop. But, he sometimes gets involved in things he shouldn’t; even when he’s duly warned. Thusly, because he ended up visiting Mickey, Ted is in some serious trouble. When he mentioned to Charlie that he would never survive another run in lock up I should have realized that was some foreshadowing to his future circumstances. After catching Charlie Sr. instead of Olivia on the cell phone, being arrested was the end to a real crappy day.

The Los Angeles Museum of Murder and Mayhem (LAMoMaM): I did a quick check and there is no such thing as the LAMoMaM. That’s a good thing, because the place freaked me out. Especially when Crews and Dani went back after getting news of gunshots. Seeing all those displays of dead and dismembered victims made me, for just a second, want to turn away from the screen. Quite freaky.

The “non-relationship” relationship talk between Reese and Tidwell: The relationship issues between Dani and Tidwell took a back seat to the murder investigation. There was still one moment between them where the Captain stated he wanted two kids and Reese responded, “Good luck with that.”

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