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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs

I really had a hard time getting through to the end of the book, in fact, I kept asking myself when would I get to the end. The characters seemed one dimensional to me and there were so many characters that were running around in the book that it got on my nerves.

The story starts out with a food TV cook,Gus,turning 50 and she is told by her producer that her show may be canceled. The solution is to hire a younger Spanish cook to be on the food show with Gus. There are a lot of different stories going on in this book and it seemed to me that the author could not determine what the story was ultimately about.

Is it about the older TV cook and her new young rival? Is it about Gus' neighbor, Hannah, and Hannah's past problems? Is it about Sabrina, Gus' daughter and her problems with not being able to settle on one man?

I think there were too many characters, too many highlights about each character and no real storyline. I just found it difficult to get through because there was no purpose to much of the book. I give it two stars since the author wrapped it up fairly neatly at the end but I was glad when I got to the last page.

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