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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Prison Break: VS

There are four hours left of this final season of Prison Break before it’s all over, so I guess they can be allowed a slow episode. This episode was entitled “VS.” or “Vs.” depending on where you looked. That’s because there was an ain’t-you-clever double meaning there. There are now three factions fighting against one another, each one with a member of the Burrows-Scofield family. Mama Christina is trying to broker a deal for Scylla. Lincoln, working with the company, is trying to get it back for The Company so he can earn his freedom from their machinations. And Michael and Sarah just want to see it all come crashing down.

Surprisingly, Michael has the least well thought out overall plan at the moment, though he also has the most relevant and valuable information. Of the brothers, Michael has always been the brains. Maybe that’s why they’ve got Lincoln and his crew basically failing to get true information out of the other meaning of the title, a man by the initials V.S.

Vincent Sandinsky insists he’s an innocent pawn in all of this; he doesn’t even know Christina Scofield. Good thing for him Michael and Sarah stole his Blackberry because it tells a very different story. So that’s where the main plot is headed, though I don’t know yet what Christina wants with VS.

The problem with these teams on this show is you can never trust all of your players. In this case, as in many cases, that means Bagwell. Apparently, since the General doesn’t trust Lincoln, he has T-Bag working on the side for some sort of other deal I’m sure he has no intention of following through on.

T-Bag revealed to the General that Christina has Scylla and that they’re all in Miami, so now the General is heading south. So that means there will be all four factions fighting pretty soon. Things are definitely heading to a dramatic climax, and the clock is ticking.

But not just for the imminent end of Prison Break, but for Michael and Sarah’s chances at a normal life. Sarah is preggers. That means they have less than eight or nine months to have this thing completely done and be settling down to raise little prison breakers of their own.

I wonder if the writers will actually give the brothers a “Happily Ever After” when this long nightmare of theirs is over? It would almost seem too good to believe, but after all they’ve gone through, they deserve some happiness.

Mahone deserves some peace as well, though I’m not sure where he would find it. On the flip side, I want to see Self and Bagwell get what’s coming to them, and I mean in the worst possible Saw scenario way.

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